Student Voices

  1. Social Justice Week will educate and encourage action on pressing social justice issues; Sonoma State is taking strides to gather a community of people who want to learn about and change social disparities, through talking, teaching, and trying. (Gianna Caesare)
  2. Social Justice Week will serve as a spark that will motivate and inspire students to become the change they want to see in the world. It will be the platform and space for conversations, action, and mobilizing of a new movement. (Paloma Chavez)
  3.  Social Justice week will reach a new level as we as a group want to intellectually open the mind of the community to attract many members in order to help pursue a future of equality that we desire. Sonoma State is taking on the challenge to fulfill that gap of social disparities and fight for a future that will be a positive impact on many different groups and solve inequality issues. (Luis Diaz Mendoza)
  4. Social Justice Week seeks to educate and prompt our community into getting involved in social issues, as well as provide ways to assist in solving them. Social Justice Week takes a modern, involved approach to help solve these problems as well as open up opportunities to prevent  them in the future. (Shelby Jones)
  5. Social Justice Week will motivate the SSU community to educate themselves and those around them on social issues. It will act as a catalyst by creating more connections within the community and push towards change through a variety of solutions towards social issues. (Kailee Schwab)
  6. Social Justice Week will inspire and educate our community to take action on serious social justice issues. It will be the stage to illuminate connections and solutions that individuals can use to fight against social injustices. (Whitney Bowers)
  7. Social Justice Week will introduce students to ideas and concepts that they otherwise would not have been exposed to. It should be an impactful and changing experience that makes people think, and continue to think after they have left the event. (John Dunstan)
  8. Social Justice week will be more recognized with the help of students who host these events. It will help shed some light onto students on our campus, as well as the staff members. Social justice week will help bring up these issues in order to educate others. (Nancy Mojica)
  9. Social Justice Week is an event, with the help of students, will enlighten students to new issues as well as informing them of what they can do to change them. It will give students a chance to learn what is going on in the world and where they stand on the various situations going on within. (Michael Bratton)
  10. Social Justice week will bring awareness to students about social issues going on now. It will motivate more students and the community to come out to seek information of the issues going on right now. It will be a diversity and learning experience to the students and speakers on how to approach such topics. (Jasmin Garcia)
  11.  Social justice week is amazing week where people are able to come together and support one another, while supporting people in need. This is a very serious serious that people need to be aware of because it can help many. (Meggie Williams)
  12. Social justice week will engage students to learn about ongoing and challenging issues that happen locally and globally that consistently affect society. (Anna Tamayo)
  13. Social Justice Week will allow students to come and engage in the awareness of issues surrounding marginalized groups, and how they can work together to bring opportunity and privilege to those in need. (Dylanger Rucker)
  14. Social Justice Week will guide and encourage participants to keep an open mind when considering the ideas and concepts of social justice issues. (Annette Figueroa)
  15.  Social Justice Week seeks to bring awareness to pressing social justice issues around the world by hosting distinguished speakers and organizations. Through social justice week students and the surrounding community have the opportunity to listen, learn, and engage in discussions about social justice issues. (Andrea Rodriguez-Rocha)
  16. Social Justice week will provide information regarding social issues that will be used to inspire and motivate people to advocate for change. It will also bring together many different members of the community who are dedicated to bettering our society. (Lauren Koenigshofer)
  17.  Social Justice Week will allow students to dive into topics that they might not necessarily know about or have ever heard of. This in turn will allow the speakers to educate these students on their topics and bring more awareness to their issues. (sean zirkle)   
  18. Social Justice Week will bring awareness to multiple topics that directly and indirectly affect a diverse group of people. This will give people a place to have a voice and collaborate on ideas to positively affect change in our society. (Michelle Ford-Owen)
  19. Social Justice week will bring many different perspectives that will educate and inspire the local community. (Dylan Kauth-Gullett)
  20. Social Justice Week will engage students in a moral battle by presenting the world through a wider and broader perspective. (Ahoura Fattahi) 
  21. Our vision for Social Justice week is to welcome people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the world. (Alexia Manzo)
  22. Educating and informing people of Social Issues through a week of informative speakers. As a community to be given topics to ponder and gain perspective on.  (Megan Cooley) 
  23. Our Social Justice Week vision is to allow our community to gain knowledge on a wide array of serious social justice issues to be able to make change in the future to help prevent or stop further damage, no matter what type of issue it may be, and in turn spread the word amongst the people in their lives to shine light on the issues and in turn spread action. (Mia Massoni)
  24. Sonoma State will provide a safe, educational, engaging environment for important discussions regarding social justice issues, to take place on campus during the Social Justice Week event that the university is hosting, and give students an opportunity to address the issues at hand and interact with components of the event. (Kristina Harr)
  25. Social Justice week will allow Sonoma State students and others the opportunity to see many perspectives of marginalized people, and bring light the issues and possible solutions we as a community can solve. (Jacob Renteria)
  26. Social Justice week will promote awareness and solutions to societal issues regarding disparities among the community by seeking to invite all Sonoma State students, staff and activists to each meeting. (Julissa Espana).
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